Lamellar Keratoplasty

This is a surgical technique to remove the deformed surface layers caused by corneal erosion and which are in some cases partially opacified, replacing them with donor lamellae.
The new tissue with its optimum biological structure and shape is used to replace the tissue that is removed, returning normal transparency and a normal shape to the eye.

  • The operation takes place under local anaesthetic.
  • The corneal lamella is removed
  • The donor lamella is prepared, with a perfect size and shape
  • Stitches are inserted and remain in place for some months.
  • Post-operative treatment involves the use of antibiotic eye drops for a few weeks, steroids and lubricating eye drops for a few months.

Visual capacity returns gradually as the new lamella becomes integrated with the recipient’s cornea, transparency returns to normal and the new shape starts to stabilise.