Specific tests

The patient chooses to undergo these tests only if necessary, in order to complete the diagnostic process which arose from the eye examination.

Computerised Visual Field

Computerised Visual Field

Hess-Lancaster test

Hess-Lancaster test

Computerised Visual Field

This is a computerised diagnostic analysis of the retinal nerve fibre function. It is essential in the treatment of patients affected by glaucoma, retinal disorders and cerebral neurological disorders.

Contrast Sensitivity Test

This test measures the ability of the retina to perceive the differences in light and dark between an object and its background. Even in the case of perfectly normal visual acuity, the visual function may be compromised due to reduced contrast sensitivity.
This test is obligatory for those patients over the age of 60 who would like to take a nautical licence, who have particular medical disorders.
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Hess-Lancaster test

This is a test that studies ocular motility in more detail, and is of particular interest in the case of patients affected by forms of paralytic strabismus.


This is a computerised test for the morphological analysis of the optic nerve fibre layers. It is very useful in the diagnosis and follow-up of patients affected by glaucoma or by different disorders in the optic nerve.

Pascal’s Tonometry

This device measures ocular pressure without corneal biomechanical interference. This test is essential to assess ocular pressure in patients who have undergone refractive surgery.


This device measures pupil dynamics, to provide evidence of the pupil’s diameter in different ambient light conditions. It is essential for helping to plan refractive surgery.


A camera take a series of photographs of circulation inside the retinal vessels, after injection of a fluorescent dye. It allows for the diagnosis of serious retinal disorders which may be isolated or related to systemic disorders (diabetes, hypertension, thrombosis,...); it may be used as a guide in the case of further laser treatment; the results may be further analysed.


This is for tomography of the retina. It is an extremely precise, relatively non-invasive test that provides very precise evidence of all retinal disorders of medial and surgical interest.

Chromatic Sense

È la valutazione della percezione dei colori, utile per individuare difetti congeniti o acquisiti e per valutazioni medico-legali.