Contact lenses

The contact lens specialist in our practice is an expert physicist, recognised at European level, specialising in the contact lens field.
Our contact lens specialist deals in fitting contact lenses following specific tests and the ophthalmic, topographic and aberrometric analysis which takes place during the Eye Examination.

Our contact lens specialist, together with Dr. Bianchi and the orthoptist all work together as a team to guarantee optimisation of visual and binocular function, bearing in mind the needs and the lifestyle of each patient.

What is the difference between customised contact lenses and standard lenses?

Disposable contact lenses are an excellent solution for patients who have mild visual defects, for sporting and leisure time activities (they require no maintenance). However, the use of this type of lens is insufficient to correct more complex visual defects. For patients who have more serious defects, the contact lens specialist designs and fits customised contact lenses to guarantee total visual compensation.

What are the advantages of customised contact lenses?

The synergy between diagnosis of the actual problem and fitting the customised contact lenses leads to an improvement in the quality of vision and eye comfort in the lives of all patients.
The patients who get the most benefit from this course of treatment are those affected by:

  • Particular corneal shapes
  • Keratoconus
  • Corneal scarring
  • Anomalies of the iris
  • Lacrimation disorders
  • Patients with systemic disorders
  • Patients with eyelid disorders
  • Patients with allergies
  • Patients who work in particular environments (extended use of the PC, air conditioned or dusty environments, environments containing chemical substances)
  • Patients with extremely sensitive eyes

Use of customised contact lenses in the case of keratoconus
Customised contact lenses are used in the case of keratoconus providing both visual and therapeutic solutions. The lens is designed to improve the patient’s vision while respecting the shape of the cornea.

Customised contact lenses are the ideal solution after a cross-linking operation. They may be fitted a few months after treatment, allowing visual functioning to return gradually without changing the post-operative structural modification of the cornea.