Blepharoplasty is the surgical technique used to correct alterations in the eyelid tissue as it often loses tone over time and becomes heavier, thereby causing aesthetic and in some cases also functional damage (difficulties in looking upwards).

The operation is carried out in the operating theatre, under local anaesthetic. It allows the eyelids to be resculpted, eliminating the slackness of the skin, repositioning the fatty deposits and obtaining a younger appearance around the eyes.

Surgery may involve the use of radiofrequency devices and lasers in order to optimise the final result. In the days after the operation, the area that has just been operated on may be swollen and red.

The patient must apply cold packs (ice) and antibiotic ointment for some days. If stitches have been inserted, these are removed 7-10 days after the operation.

The patient must avoid any kind of exposure to the sun for a few weeks. One or two months after the operation the scars are no longer visible.

Minor Eyelid Lesions

Patients with neoformations of the eyelids, xanthelasma, ectopic eyelashes are treated as outpatients, with surgery performed under local anaesthetic.