Penetrating Keratoplasty

This is the most radical surgical technique, used to correct keratoconus in its most advanced form; this means that morphological undermining of and changes to corneal transparency go down into the deepest layers of the cornea.
The full thickness of the patient’s cornea is removed and replaced with the lamella of a donor.

  • It is carried out under local anaesthetic or occasionally under general anaesthetic
  • The full thickness of the central part of the recipient’s cornea is removed
  • The donor’s lamella is prepared, slightly larger in diameter than the lenticule that is removed
  • Stitches are inserted which remain in place for 12 months.
  • Post-operative treatment involves the use of antibiotic eye drops for a few weeks, steroids for a few months and lubricating eye drops for at least one year.

Eyesight gradually returns and stabilises a few weeks after removal of the stitches themselves.