Implant of INTACS

Intrastromal corneal rings (ICRs) are circular plastic rings, completely inert for human tissue, which are inserted into the corneal stroma.

  • The operation takes place under topical anaesthetic.
  • The surgeon creates two channels within the corneal tissue using a FEMTOSECOND laser.
  • The intrastromal segments are inserted into the upper and lower channel.
  • A suture is then placed at the entrance to the channel.
  • Post-operative treatment involves the use of antibiotic eye drops, anti-inflammatory drugs and lubricating eye drops for a few weeks.

ICRs cause a flattening of the corneal ectasia caused by the keratoconus and normalise the shape of the cornea allowing for an improvement in visual quality.
After the operation, the patient may wear soft contact lenses to correct any residual visual defects.

The operation does not prevent the evolution of keratoconus and is reversible (the segments may be removed).
If the keratoconus continues to worsen, it is possible to undertake more radical surgery.