Diabetic Retinopathy, Retinal Thrombosis and Retinal Rupture

Treatment of these retinal disorders is carried out using Argon Lasers.

The Argon laser works at a specific depth of the eye, leaving the anterior and posterior segment whole and producing photocoagulation which selectively eliminates any abnormalities.

In addition, the Argon laser prevents angiogenic stimulation (stimulation to produce abnormal blood vessels when the retinal tissue is lacking oxygen) and seals the retinal layers together.

ARGON LASER PHOTOCOAGULATION is performed as outpatient surgery, using a topical anaesthetic, with the pupils dilated. It hurts a little, does not require post-treatment therapy, does not prevent the immediate use of contact lenses, allows any kind of visual activity the following day.

IMPORTANT: It is a good idea for patients who will undergo Argon Laser treatment to ask someone to accompany them as pupil dilation is at its extreme.